Save bees by planting wildflowers

Save bees by planting wildflowers

Both in America and Europe, bees are in serious trouble. A lot of organizations, companies, political parties are looking for ways to preserve this very important species. The good news is, you can do something to help.

Many scientific studies have shown that bees live near wildflowers. When they do so, their chance of survival increases greatly, it can go up to four times.

Restoring patches of grass, wildflowers as well as trees can help a lot. Ecologists studied many species of bees and bumble bees live near human-made establishments, so even putting out potted plants such as flowers, wildflowers, or anything blooming in spring can help preserve this endangered specie.

Including sand, mud, dirt, patches of bare ground for bees to nest in could improve chances of survival.When planting, be sure to include a mix of wildflowers, so that you will have blooming in all seasons, not just spring.

Bumble bees tend to pollinate a wider variety of flowers, while bees have a much more restricted diet, so there is a chance that your choice of plants might eliminate bees from the landscape.

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