Why growing your own Garden has never been easier

Why growing your own Garden has never been easier

Growing your own produce has been getting increasingly easier nowadays. Sure, grabbing some vegetables from the supermarket is easy enough, but growing your own garden is much healthier and gives you more satisfaction.

One of the reasons for growing your own garden is price. Taking herbs as an example, a pack can cost anywhere from $2 to $6, and you use the whole bag fairly quickly. Buying potted plants can cost much less and will last you much longer.

Another reason is controlling what goes in your food. You can either go fully organic, or add some fertilizer to enhance growth of your plants.

You might sometimes run into problems when storing food in your fridge. Another reason for growing your own garden is freshness.  Getting the ingredients straight from its source to your plate is that much tastier.

Now that you have decided to grow your own garden, you should decide on what to grow. Herbs are always good for beginners. Basic herbs like rosemary, thyme, basil, parsley are good fresh produce to start off with. Vegetables are harder to grow, so you might need some practice before you get into that.

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